Questions & Answers

General questions about the competition:

Can we make the video and then form a team?

No. Unfortunately all the team members must be involved in the process of video creation, edit and so on.

Which countries can participate in the competition?

All the countries from the Danube region – Romania, Bulgaria, Croatia, Germany, Serbia, Hungary, Slovakia, Slovenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Moldova, Ukraine, Austria and Czech Republic.

In which language should we fill in the application form?

The application form must be filled in English if you are from one of the following countries: Hungary, Slovakia, Slovenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Moldova, Ukraine, Austria and Czech Republic. If you are from a core competition country (Romania, Bulgaria, Croatia, Germany, Serbia) you must fill in the application form in your own language.

Do all members of our team need to be from 15 to 25 years of age?

Yes. This is a requirement to join in the competition. At the moment of applying all the team members must be between 15 and 25 years of age.

Who can become a team member in our team?

Anyone that is willing to work with you and is matching the age criteria (15-25). Nowadays it’s easy to work online with a lot of people but we encourage you to form a team with people that you can meet in person as otherwise the preparation of the competition could be very hard for you.

Competition process:

How to apply for the competition?

It’s easy!

1. Form your team and make a video according to the technical requirements and the rules of the competition.
2. Upload the video online;
3. Fill in the application form before the deadline. You are ready to go!

How can we form a team to participate in the competition?

Be creative and gather your allies amongst your friends and people that you trust. There is no specific requirement about the team forming process from the organizers of the competition but this is our advice if you are wondering how to form the team.

Which online video platform can we use to upload the video?

You can use one of the free video platforms such as youtube or vimeo. You can choose some alternatives such as metacafe or facebook but be sure that the video will be visible. However, we recommend you to upload the video at least in youtube and vimeo and fill in the two addresses in the application form to be sure that the international jury will reach the video.

Which rules must we follow in order to participate in the competition?

There are two general rules sections – technical requirements and competition rules. Your team must match both the technical requirements and the competition content rules in order to compete for the prize. However, you will have freedom to choose the scenario, the way of shooting the video, the main idea in it, etc.

Content and requirements of your video:

What kind of problem/issue should we identify in the video?

It’s up to your team to decide! It can be anything if it is part of one the following spheres: cultural, social, environmental or youth.

What should the solution/idea presented in our video be?

Again this is up to your team’s imagination and creativity. Of course we would advise you to be realistic about your solution in order to get a better chance to win the competition. Please bear in mind that your idea must be in coherence with the limited budget that you will receive for it’s realization.

Do we have to film every member of the competition team in the video?

No. Here the key lies in your team’s creativity. It is up to you to decide how to represent your team in the movie. It could be a picture, part of the video, final credits or whatever you invent and matches the style of your video.

Do we need to film the place where we are from?

Yes and No. Somehow you must represent the place where everything is happening. This doesn’t mean that you need to make a panoramic view of your village/city but you need to be creative and a stranger watching the video must understand where everything is happening.

How long must the video (in minutes) be?

In order to participate in the competition each video must be minimum 3 and maximum 5 minutes. In case that your team’s video is shorter than 3 minutes or longer than 7 minutes this will limit your chance to win the competition.

Can we split the video into 2 smaller videos?

No. You need to upload and present one whole video. However, the video can be divided by sections within it if this is part of your plan.

What must be the scenario of the video?

This depends 100% on the decision of your team.

Do we need to promote the video?

Yes. After you upload the video, please share it with your friends. You need to gather at least 50 views of the video. We believe that this is not such a big deal to be made but if the jury members see that your video has 50 likes they will know that your team really cares for their work. However, if you have less than 50 views you participate in the competition (in case that you meet all the other rules) just you will have a smaller chance for success.

Producing of the video:

How can we edit and prepare the video for the competition?

There are numerous mobile apps (like Kinematograph) and PC software programs (like Movies) that you can use to edit and prepare your video. Many of them are free and even easy to operate with from your smartphone. We have prepared a list with examples and videos on the topic as well as examples for apps that you could use to edit and prepare your video. 

In which language must the video be?

Either in English or one of the following languages – German, Romanian, Serbo-Croatian, Bulgarian. Please bear in mind that in case you prepare the video in your national language you will need to provide subtitles in English. If you can’t handle the translation – don’t worry, our national coordinators will help you.

Is there a specific equipment that we need to use in order to shoot the video (ex. professional camera, drone, lightning, etc.)?

No. The idea of the competition is to be available to as many young people as possible. You can meet the technical requirements of the video even with a cheap smartphone.

Can we receive external support and help from a professional movie making company during the video preparation?

No. This is the work of your team and the general idea of the competition is to do it by yourselves.

Are there visual elements that must be in the video in order to participate in the competition?

Yes. There are pictures of the donor organization’s logo and the partners of the project that must be shown in the very beginning and the very end of each video. This is an obligatory requirement as we want to thank our donors.

How to embed the required pictures of the donor and partner’s logos?

You need to download the communication pack from our website and use a simple video editing program/application to embed the pictures in the movie.

Can we interact with other people during the video making?

Yes. We strongly advise you to interact with the local people especially if the identified problem and solution is somehow connected with people. For sure you are free to make interviews, use public scenes and people if this is according to your plan and scenario.

Do we need to engage local people somehow?

Yes. Even though there is a chance for your idea not to be connected with people at all, we advise you to spread the word about it in order for your local community to learn more about your initiative and the efforts of your team.

Prizes and Awards

Is the competition only for a money prize?

No. Please note that this is a hybrid competition and in order for your team to collect the money prize, you will need to realize the idea suggested in your video.

What happens if we don’t know English?

If you are from one of the core competition countries (Romania, Bulgaria, Croatia, Germany, Serbia) you can fill in the application form in your own language. However the application form is in English and you need to use Google Translate to translate the questions there. If you are coming from one of the other countries you need to fill in the form in English.

How many awards will be distributed?

Depends on the country that you are coming from. In the core competition countries (Romania, Bulgaria, Croatia, Germany, Serbia) there will be 3 winning awards per country. The rest of the countries will be competing for only 3 winning awards in total.

Can we quit the competition even if we are selected as winners?

It depends. If you decide to quit the competition this has to be made before the official start of the micro projects realization in August 2021.

How long will it take for the international jury to decide who are the winners?

The international jury will have 4 weeks to select the winners for each country, starting from the first Monday after the application deadline.

Can we just get the money prize and leave the social prize?

No. In order to get your team’s money prize, first you have to realize the local micro project.

How will we collect the money prize if we are amongst the winning team?

After the realization of your local micro project idea, one member of your team will be selected as a representative and the money award will be transferred to his/her bank account.

Do we need to implement the solution for the presented issue in case our team is one of the winners?

Yes. Your team will get the chance to organize and implement your idea presented in the video.

Are we going to implement the local project by ourselves?

No. You will be supported by a national country coordinator that will help you throughout the process.

Are the bonus prizes (participation in events within the Danube region) only for members of the winning teams?

No. The members of the winning teams will have priority invitations to participate in various Danube region events. However, other competitors will be invited as well. The participation in these events will be free of charge for you.

Are the bonus prizes (participation in events within the Danube region) obligatory for all the winners?

No. The winning team members will have priority invitations that will assure them a chance to participate. At the same time they are not obliged to take part in those events if they don’t want to.