Shoot by Youth

Shoot by Youth is an interactive social movie competition for young people aged between 15 and 25 years old.

The competition consists in gathering teams of 3 to 5 young persons from any country in the Danube region and giving you the opportunity to create short videos about a local issue in the town/region you live in.

In the video, the competing teams must present a problem and a possible solution for that issue.

The videos are the product with which the teams enter the Shoot by Youth competition.

The aim of the Shoot by Youth competition is to challenge your creativity, to engage you and your friends in an interactive and fun digital event and, of course, to offer some amazing prizes to the best videos.

Remember – creative does not mean complicated!

Triple Prize

Shoot by Youth video competition is like the triple chocolate cookies – with one bite you receive three tastes as each winning team prize is composed by three components:

Prize component 1 – Funds for your idea

Each winning team will receive the equivalent of up to EUR 500 in order to realize the solution  represented in the winning video. This microgrant will be the team’s budget that can help to solve the problem within the local community.

Prize component 2 – Money prize for your team

After the winning team realizes the solution proposed in the video and shows the results of their actions, they will reach the second component of the award – EUR 500 for the team. It’s up to the team to decide how and for what they will spend the money award.

Prize component 3 – Youth events participation

Each team member from finalists teams (top 5 videos that will be evaluated by the international jury) will get an exclusive invitation to participate in national or international events for young people. During the various events the competitors will get the chance to meet new people, show their videos in front of other people and get the opportunity to learn while having fun.


In order for a video to be included in the selection of the international jury, it needs to match the technical requirements.

After your video has checked all the technical requirements, it will be evaluated by an international jury according to the following criteria:

Quality of the video

Qualitative editing of the movie – transitions, sound quality, respecting the technical requirement.

Local micro-project idea

Clarity in presenting the social issue in the video – how well is the social issue presented, measurability and achievability of the solution.


Use of imagination or original ideas to present the social issue and to create the video, an innovative idea is presented in the video.

How to participate in the competition?


Find a social / environmental / cultural / youth issue that is common in your city or region.


Let your friends know about this challenge so you can form a team of min. 3 to max. 5 persons. All of you must be between 15 and 25 years old.


Shoot a short movie together following our technical requirements. Upload the movie online and fill in the application form.


Wait for the selection of the international jury of the competition. Promote your video and idea amongst your community and friends.


Invest in your idea with the grants received and help your local community. Collect your money prize and have fun in youth events across the Danube region.

Rules of the contest

  • The participants of the competition have to be part of a team;
  • Each team must be formed of 3 – 5 participants;
  • Each participant must be aged from 15 – 25 years old;
  • Each video that enters the competition must respect the technical requirements attached in the description of the competition;
  • If you are from one of the core competition countries (Bulgaria, Croatia, Germany, Romania or Serbia) please check the requirements in your national language on the website; 
  • If you are from one of the other Danube region countries (Hungary, Slovakia, Slovenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Moldova, Ukraine, Austria and Czech Republic) you can follow the rules posted in English.

Useful links

Video editing and applications

Phone apps for editing:

Computer programs for editing:

  1. Hit Film Express
  2. OpenShot (Windows, Mac i Linux)
  3. VSDC Free Video Editor (Windows)
  4. VideoPad (Windows & Mac)
  5. iMovie (Mac)
  6. Movie Maker (Windows)

Communication pack

Contact information of the national coordinators

Lyuben Georgiev

Lyuben Georgiev


+359 888 012 739

Mara Micheu

Mara Micheu


+40 758 29 44 23

Anamarija Glavurdic

Anamarija Glavurdic


+38 531 27 28 18

Iryna Gumenchuk

Iryna Gumenchuk


+49 176 768 68 638

Mirjana Dragojević

Mirjana Dragojević


+381 69 38 84 251

The Funding – Donors, sponsors and partners.

Results and winners 2021

The results and winners will be announced on the 15th of September 2021